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About Us

Welcome to the UK’s number one Home Competitions platform.

Our journey began in 2017 when we saw the re-emergence of competitions which gave you a chance to win a property. What an exciting concept. Winning a house! From this, Home Competitions was born.

We have seen over 100 competitions of this type and have listed many of them on our site (see “Other Competitions”).

Over the past few years we have learned about what you like and dislike about these types of competitions. We have been overwhelmed with requests to provide more information about property competitions and raffles so we have now launched our exclusive e-newsletter which will be available to our members only.

Become a member now for only £2.99/month. We will also be entering our members for FREE into any prize draws that we host which will include daily cash prizes and monthly draws to win a house.

We have a loyal following because we:

  • Are trusted
  • Have been around since 2017
  • Operate with integrity and at a high standard
  • Use our own vetting process before we add a property competition/ raffle to our site. If it doesn’t pass we will not add it!
  • Are transparent

It takes about 2 minutes to become a member.

We are aiming to raise in total £100,000 for charities.

The charities that we will be donating to are: “Crisis” and “Nishkam SWAT” who help the homeless. Along with “Refuge” who support women and children who have experienced violence and abuse.