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About Us

Welcome to the UK’s number one Home Competitions platform.

You may have heard of the terms house raffles or house competitions but winning a competition like this is not limited to houses… yes you could win a house, but you could also win a flat/ apartment, win a bungalow, win a mansion or frankly win any type of property. You could even win a castle! You can make any of these your home.

Check out all of the Home Competitions in one place, so that you can view each one before deciding which one to enter.

More people are realising the advantages of entering their home into a competition. This way they can achieve the asking price for their property, pay NO COMMISSION and a member of the public can become mortgage free by winning a home in a competition for as little as £1.

In a world where most people spend their adult life paying a mortgage, here at Home Competitions, we believe that you should know about all of the competitions available which give you the opportunity to become MORTGAGE FREE.

You need to answer a skilled based question to enter into the competitions.

The only real question is: You now have a chance to live MORTGAGE FREE, will you take it?

One last thing…if you win a competition you do not have to live in the property. You could rent it out and have a regular monthly income from it!